Cuddly, fluffy, and shimmering, this magnificent blue unicorn with starry eyes will become the sweetest, most adorable companion for your child. Perfect for hugging when your child needs a friend and big enough for comforting and keeping your kid safe during the night, this Giant Cuddly Unicorn Plush Toy is made from safe and high-quality plush to be the best friend your child needs. Ideal for children with ages between 3 and… 100, and remarkable due to its shimmering wings and hooves, and colorful tail, mane, and horn, this little giant is a friend in need and a muse that sparks creativity. The perfect gift for both boys and girls, our sweet and happy unicorn will easily find its special place in your child’s heart and among their favorite toys.

Please note: The plush toy does not have an internal metal structure and does not stand by itself.
Slight differences in styles & colour shades do occur at times also.