Unicorn true in smart white and blue. Oh, how little imaginations will come alive when slipped into the enchanting comfort of this wondrous onesie. And with lovely loose-fitting flannel folds, little unicorns have all the freedom of movement they need to caper around to their hearts content. When it comes time to tumble into rest and pop their hooves up, the same cosy comfort remains.

Only the best will do for little unicorns. That’s why we have crafted our blue and white onesies to offer exactly that. Our onesies offer:

Unicorns unite! When your child throws on this gorgeous blue and white onesie, a marvellous world of comfort, imagination and freedom opens up for them.

Please note: The actual size of the item may differ to the size shown in the images. Slight differences in styles, colour shades do occur at times also.


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100% Polyester

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